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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Son's Fantastic New Urban Inspired Room - A Work in Progress

The completed wall!!
My sister-in-law and I completed an amazing makeover on my daughter's room this summer (will feature her room in another post soon) and my son wanted in on the action. Since my sister-in-law lives all the way in Tennessee, I had to do this one on my own. My son loves hip-hop and even takes lessons, so he wanted a room inspired by a hip-hop theme. My sister-in-law suggested a faux brick wall to create an urban feel and I loved the idea! So, with the help of another teacher from my husband's school (who I can not thank enough for all of the help she gave me), I spent 2 days straight painting bricks. The bricks were created via a combo of stencil and free hand techniques. The stencil was created using paper that she cut the brick shape out of and then laminated.  There were 3 bricks on the stencil, 2 on bottom and one on top to help create the staggered effect (pic of the stencil is at the bottom of this post on the left).  Here is a photo of the wall before the process began:

The wall was painted light gray first, and then the dark gray was used to create the bricks. We used sponge brushes that were the width of the brick height which was a very helpful tool. The beginning of the process went VERY slowly, but gradually, we built the wall up and were able to fill it entirely. I had considered distressing the bricks out at at the edges, but when I tried, I wasn't happy with it, so I finished filling in the entire wall instead! I included a couple of pics of the process below...I will be adding vinyl graffiti to the wall and will be adding a number of other touches that I will post as soon as I finish the project!
After about 6 hours of work
After a day and a half of work

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  1. W O W ! I love it! What an unique idea!! I can't wait to see the completed room! :D I am a new follower! Take care!