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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Since today was a rare occurrence, it seems appropriate that it was full of surprises! The best surprise of the day happened right at the end of the school day. My last class of the day is a workshop format and things are always happening all at the same time. Near the end of class, a friend/colleague walked in with a "delivery." Since today was not a special day in general (no birthday, anniversary etc.) I couldn't imagine what it was for. It turns out that the delivery was a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers from my husband! I have been pretty sick lately and tend to just keep going as though everything is fine. Being a mom and a teacher, I am needed in many different directions, so I don't have the time to stop and take care of myself all that often. This typically means that I end up even sicker than when I started and then I have to get myself back to feeling well again. The card with the flowers basically said that he knows how hard it has been for me to be so sick and he knows this will get better soon. It was SUCH a thoughtful thing to do and I was thrilled!

Since it is Leap Day, I decided it was holiday enough to make a card. This was probably not the best decision, considering that I am exhausted and should have come home and gone to bed. Instead, I set out to create a "Leap" Day card with a cute little frog from the Cricut Once Upon a Princess cartridge. My first mistake was forgetting to run the frog through the Cuttlebug before he was assembled. I tried to do it after, but it messed the whole thing up. I decided it wasn't terrible and kept moving forward. I thought "glitter fixes everything!" SO, I grabbed a new tube of glitter to cover some of the less attractive areas on the frog, but it wouldn't come out of the tube. So, I squeezed a little harder and...

 This is what happened!! So, I apologize for the lack of card, but by the time this happened it was late and I decided it was a sign that I needed to get to bed!! If you've taken the time to read this post, I would love to hear about your craziest crafting disaster. Here's hoping I don't have another like this until the next leap day!!

Panda Hugs!

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  1. So cute! I can always count on you for a holiday card........even a leap day card! SMiles, Jill