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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Use Your Cricut Gypsy

I am finally the proud owner of a brand new Cricut Gypsy. I am VERY excited about this wonderful birthday present and can not wait to get started. I thought I would post to keep track of my progress with this fabulous new toy.

The day I got the box in the mail, I should not have been shocked when it was not as "plug and play" as I expected.  I quickly figured out how to apply the screen protector and put it into the nifty new sleeve it came with, but after that, things got a little more complicated.

I tried to load my first cartridge and the screen informed me that I needed an update to get the cartridge to link properly. So, a word to the wise...when you get the Gypsy, the first thing you will want to do is to use the USB cord provided and connect it to your computer. I have a Mac and was able to connect and access the site and download the syncing application.

After running the install for the application, I had to update the firmware for the Gypsy. On the screen, there is a message that says, "Updating Your Gypsy" and a warning that says not to "power off, disconnect or unplug (my) Gypsy."  The Gypsy is supposed to power off when the update has completed and then it must be restarted after the shutdown is complete.

Next, The screen turned black and it was unclear whether it was "sleeping" or actually shut off. The screen still said to restart the Gypsy after it was shut down and that is why I was slightly confused. (I the blue light to the right of the Gypsy indicates that it is turned on, so if that does dark you can safely assume it is off) I pressed and held the power button and that turned the Gypsy back on with the message "connected" on the screen. The message on the computer screen indicated that it was "downloading data file." It also said, "inactive" while the percentage went from from 0-100%.

After quite a while longer of waiting, I did get it working and have already started using it ;)


  1. I totally get where you are coming from. I've had my Gypsy for almost a year and have yet to complete a project on it because I know I will need to do all the computer crap with my computer and my Expression and my last experience was not plesant. Good luck to you and I look forward to your progress!

  2. I love my Gypsy but downloading the software is yet to be desired! I cringe when I get a brand new cart that can't link because it needs updating. I just updated it for the Ribbon's and Rosette cartridge and of course it does the same thing...updating, updating, updating. I'll give it an hour, if it still says updating i just unplug the darn thing. I know it says not to but I always do and it's fine. It's one of those things that I just have to deal with because I LOVE my Gypsy so. LOL. One tip.. if you don't have an Imagine don't even bother checking the boxes for downloads, probably will take even longer. Good Luck- Holly :-)